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The Arts Centre

From Pilates and Yoga to meditation and martial arts, there are 4 air-conditioned dance/fitness, singing acting & music studios available for private hire on weekdays and evenings Monday to Friday and Sunday’s.

For more information about our studios, visit our studio hire page.

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Sweaty Mama & Sweaty Gym – Jace Travis

Monday Pilates - Jo Cockerill

Baby Ballet & Sensory –

Ballet Barre – Rebekah Jackson

Yogalates - Karen Hicks

Baby Sensory – Baby Sensory Guildford

Wednesday Ballet. Tap & MT & Thursday Contemporary and Street Commercial  – First dance studio visit

Wednesday Tech Jazz & Int/Adv Commercial – Ellianne Taylor – DM on Instagram elliannetaylor.openclass

Sensory Song & Stretch -  Steph at The Mummas Village

ISTD Modern Ballet and Italia Conti Associates classes -

Friday Pilates - Lisa Whitton

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